Visualization Control System

A software solution for situation awareness, video surveillance and security.

Company: Dallmeier GmbH
Scope: Full Development

In this project, the Orbits team worked side-by-side with Dallmeier to develop and launch security and control solutions for large-scale projects including production facility, stadium and the city as a whole.

The solution includes 3D to handle thousands of security devices to monitor facilities/areas and provide 3D visualization of them. In addition to that solution lets operators interact with those devices (e.g. cameras, PIR, access control, gate, and other IOTs) in 3D and in real-time ensuring instant responses and public safety.

Alarm and warning will be delivered in real-time when any stranger detects by PIR or Camera.

The purpose of this project is to create a complete solution to support both PC for operation centers and a mobile app for the operator. That software connects internally to open communication in real time, manage and overwatch two nuclear electricity factories.

The camera and real-time alarm screen of the operation center system.

The system also integrated with existed solution Dallmeier provides, known as geolocation services, video surveillance, and object recognization which called situation awareness.

Recent works