Social City

A 3D MMORPG online realtime game

Company: VTC Mobile
Scope: Full Development

Social City is an MMORPG 3D real-time online game that was developed by Orbits Studio in co-operation with VTC Mobile in 2016. The game lets the player control a character which can be configurated appearances like hair, eyes, face, and gender. The purpose of the games is to create a virtual social life, allow players to interact with other players, such as message, playing embedded games together or take care of their pets and so on.

The map of the game.

The map from eagle eyes viewport.

The most challenging of the project is create high-quality 3D graphics run on mobile devices, using real-time rendering technology without reducing its performance in a short time and a networking core allows massive multiplayer connect and synchronizing data in realtime. The game includes all systems such as animation/movement synchronization, fashion, pet, in-app purchase, and the hardest part which is the networking system.

The character creation screen.

Recent works