Combat Shooter VR

The first VR game on mobile in Vietnam

Company: Horus Entertainment
Scope: Lightning / Animation / Game Mechanics

Combat Shooter VR is an FPS game on the mobile catering global market. This is the first VR game that was developed by Horus Entertainment in collaboration with Orbits Studio that we were engaged as a part of the development team to provide a 3D environment with realtime lighting, game mechanics and character animation controlling for the game. The game was made on Unity Engine with Photon Networking to provide a high-quality online first-person shooter game on mobile at this time.

The inventory screen.

The game was integrated with VR support, using Horus VR glass which also developed by Horus, allows players can look around by their eyes why shoot and move will be controlled by gun hardware attached via the USB connector. To achieve that, Horus also modified the microchip inside the gun to work with the gyroscope sensor of the mobile device.

In-game screen

The development process is really challenging us at this time, with all systems it is really complicated. But, as a result, Horus gets passed at Hatch! Fair 2015 and get a direct invite to Slush 2015 in Finland which also help Orbits put the first step into realtime online game development.

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