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The future of real-estate sales

This decade has brought an increased level of automation in various industries, from AI chatbots (Google and IBM) for customer support, to self-driving cars (Waymo, Tesla) and robots that perform security functions (Boston Dynamics). What about other traditional industries, like the real-estate? Automation? For many years, the real estate industry has been using the traditional […]

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Why Realtime rendering (RT) is important

Real-time rendering saves time and money by rendering frames at 60 frames per second (fps) which the human eye perceives as continuous live motion. Traditional rendering can range from a few minutes per frame to 30+ hours per frame. Customization is a vital aspect of VR, and it works best with real-time rendering. This capability, […]

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Why is Virtual Reality the Future?

What makes us believe that VR will change gaming, entertainment and much more Nowadays people often ask “Is VR the future of gaming?”, “What are the future applications of virtual reality?”, “Will VR become mainstream?”. Let’s try to deal with those questions at once in this piece of writing. ORBITS vision is that VR is […]

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Facebook is Building the VR Universe, Meet Horizon

Not so long ago Facebook have announced Facebook Horizon. It will be a new social world coming to Oculus Quest and the Rift Platform in 2020. A culmination of what they learned about virtual spaces and communities while building various VR apps in the past. Horizon is the first step into a world of worlds […]

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