The future of real-estate sales

This decade has brought an increased level of automation in various industries, from AI chatbots (Google and IBM) for customer support, to self-driving cars (Waymo, Tesla) and robots that perform security functions (Boston Dynamics). What about other traditional industries, like the real-estate?


For many years, the real estate industry has been using the traditional process of selling through property agents, which was rather effective, as an agent can meet potential buyer in-person and provide tailored support as well as invite customer to view property in sales showroom.

However, everything has changed in 2020. The global pandemic has reshaped consumer behaviour, and with it, expectations around property buying and selling. With sales galleries now empty and people still looking to explore properties amid a new normal, the time has come to evolve property discovery.

Orbits team

“We observe that the virtual has become the new normal. More and more companies are adopting virtual sales and adding 3D showrooms into their viewing process.”

What’s new

Companies like Orbits are working on addressing this particular problem by developing end-to-end VR walkthroughs of property projects project, units and the surrounding areas. The whole idea is to digitise and automate the entire property sales process from project launch to close of the sale.

Orbits apartment walkthrough

The virtual walkthrough allows property developers to host viewings and close deals remotely. It also enables developers to go-to-market as soon as their project is approved, without having to wait for the construction of its sales gallery.

Such virtual walkthroughs bring the project to the property buyer’s doorstep to view, select, and register interest for a unit based on their preference and as per real-time inventory available.

In addition, this will enhance the consumer experience by enabling immersive digital experiences and bring greater transparency and flexibility for all in the property ecosystem.


The virtual walkthrough is posed to be an extremely useful too tool to help not only buyers view properties and the right buying decisions, but also agents to host viewings and sell faster and more efficiently.

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